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8月 2015

Written By: LACOMS英語専門予備校 on 201548月27 2 Comments

今日ご紹介するのは、「after a while」という意味の「しばらくして」と言う意味になります。

例文:After a while, the birds and insects in the forest began to sing again.



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Written By: LACOMS英語専門予備校 on 201518月24 4 Comments


例文:Let’s give a big round of applause to our next guest: the world famous magician, Mr. Skippy Bush.



Written By: LACOMS英語専門予備校 on 201548月13 88 Comments

今日ご紹介するのは、「be disappointed」・・・「失望させらせる、失望する」と言う意味になります。

例文:The entire team was disappointed by poor showing in the high school baseball tournament last year.



Written By: LACOMS英語専門予備校 on 201558月7 36 Comments


例文:My boss said that he would fire me if I had any more unexcused absences from work.



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Written By: LACOMS英語専門予備校 on 201518月3 No Comment



例文:This year’s apple crop will be smaller than usual because of the drought last summer.



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